Bentham Science Publishers は、日本において2013年に下記展示に参加いたします。弊社ブースに是非お立寄りください。 

[November 2013]

Date: November 20-22, 2013

Name: MCS2013: The 31st Medicinal Chemistry Symposium

Venue: Aster Plaza, Hiroshima

Organized by: Pharmaceutical Society of Japan – Division of Medicinal Chemistry

[October 2013]

Date: October 9-11, 2013

Name: 28th JSSX Annual Meeting in Tokyo

Venue: Tower Hall Funabori, Tokyo

Organized by: The Japanese Society for the Study of Xenobiotics​

[June 2013]

Date: June 7, 2913

Name: 2013 General Meeting of Japan Pharmaceutical Library Association

Venue: Mainichi Forum, Tokyo

Organized by: Japan Pharmaceutical Library Association

[March 2013]

Date: March 28th to 30th March 2013

Name: The 133th Meeting of Pharmaceutical Society of Japan

Venue: Yokohama Pacifico, Yokohama

Organized by: Pharmaceutical Society of Japan


Bentham Attends International Conferences
Bentham Attends International Conferences


Our gratitude for supporting us
Our gratitude for supporting us

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Bentham Science Publishes Four Journals in HTML

Bentham Science, a major STM publisher, launches four of its journals in HTML format in addition to PDF. The Open Nursing Journal, Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering, The Open Neuroimaging Journal and The Open Ceramic Science Journal are all now available in full text HTML version, which means that the readers is facilitated through a time-saving browsing option which enables her to search for relevant information in a pretty short time. This new and dynamic presentation of articles will allow our readers to view and download figures, tables and other information in-line with the text of the articles, thus enhancing search capability and accessibility to important and relevant information database.

Viewers are also able to track the literature in these through a pop-up reference option, which allows for viewing citations as you read the articles available in full text. This feature includes all references in an article, with interactive citation and source article links, expandable figures, and article share and export tools.

The Open Nursing Journal publishes research articles, reviews, and letters in all areas of nursing. It is a peer-reviewed journal, an important and reliable source of current information on developments in the field.

Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering aims to publish the best interdisciplinary research in neuroscience and biomedical engineering.

The Open Neuroimaging Journal and The Open Ceramic Science Journal are peer-reviewed, and important and reliable sources of the latest information on the developments in their respective fields.

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Being capable of publishing in peer-reviewed journals is commonly seen as an indicator of
proper scientific research. It is the duty of a researcher to publish his results for the
scientific community. Research can be seen as a product that must be sold to the target
audience in the form of an article. In other words, research results do not exist before they
are successfully published. The key people for getting one’s article accepted for
publication are the editor-in-chief, editor, and reviewers. After publication, a well-written
article will attract readers, eventually resulting in a scientific impact defined by whether
other scientists will cite the article.
Unfortunately, many researchers are far more comfortable conducting scientific
experiments than they are reporting and publishing their findings. As a result, a
considerable amount of research is not published in a way that adequately expresses its
significance. (Spector, 1994) On the other hand, researchers who communicate well are
successful in gaining recognition and support for themselves individually, but also for
their institution (Yore et al., 2004). These are among the motivations as to why it is vital to
achieve proficiency in writing scientific journal articles. It is vital for a new researcher to
start writing articles as soon as possible. An early start will speed up the learning process.
When you are writing, you are forced to think about your substance from different
Often, researchers make the mistake of believing that writing an article is a separate phase
to be done after completing the entire research. We recommend that researchers start
writing much sooner. From the effectiveness perspective, it is not wise to wait for a
moment when you feel that you know and understand “everything” needed for writing
articles. It is more sensible to start learning to write piece-by-piece, better enabling the
perception of what to do and when, and thus aiding the avoidance of unnecessary work.
Understanding of the studied matter is enhanced while working on it. Starting the writing
process early gradually lowers the threshold for publishing and through gained
experience the chances of getting the work accepted for publication in better journals will
As writing articles is learned best through gaining writing experience, it is worth initiating
the learning process by making written notes of any ideas and documenting research
processes and initial results. This way you will generate text that can potentially be
utilised later for articles, or at least you will gain writing experience. In addition, by
writing down thoughts, initial conclusions and suchlike, a researcher can better identify
gaps in his thinking. It is beneficial to have publishing in mind already while conducting
experiments. However, it is the results that will define the focus of the final article (Bem,
The process of writing an article is initiated by considering the significance of the future
article, its importance and potential newness to the scientific community. It is also vital to
identify those who might be interested in seeing your results, i.e. who is the target
audience? In addition, it is beneficial to consider the practical implications of your
research. A scientific article must be based on research that is conducted scientifically by
using accepted methods. An article wraps up research by presenting it clearly and
concisely to the scientific community.

Taken from:


By Dr Pekka Belt, Dr Matti Mottonen & DrJanne Harkonen

The full article is available at

Tips for Writing Journal Articles
Tips for Writing Journal Articles


Our Gratitude for Our Researchers

The success of Bentham Science Publishers is due to our authors, contributors and editors who are a part of the Bentham Team. They are professionals associated with top class universities and research institutions from all over the world, consistently contributing outstanding research articles in our journals and books. Professor Roman Lesyk of Dept. of Pharmaceutical, Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry at Pharmacy Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University, a specialist in the field of organic and medicinal chemistry, commented that he drew great pleasure while working with the staff of Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry. He especially approved of the professional manner in which the reviewers as well as the editorial board handled the publication process at Bentham Science. The result, he believes is a top notch quality of scientific material presentation.

Our Rsearchers
Our Rsearchers

Publication procedures and Standards

The publishing process at Bentham Science Publishers is made effective through open communication channels between authors, editors and the support team. Efficient management of the publication process results in quality content and timely delivery of periodic issues. Dr. Christian Bartsch of the Center for Research in Medical and Natural Sciences, University of Tuebingen, shares his experience of working with Bentham Science Publishers in these words:

“I would like to emphasize that the team of Bentham Science worked with great motivation to achieve a high standard of my publication in their Journal “Current Aging Science”. The politeness and patience of all members of the publishing division was indeed outstanding. I wish and hope all the best for the success of this as well as all the other open access journals of Bentham.”

Publications Procedures and Standards
The quality publications process at Bentham Science Publishers

“The advantage …

“The advantage of the Open Journal series is that it is just that: open, and accessible to anyone with a PC at no charge I appeal to scholars across the disciplines to consider the Open Journal series as a forum for their work.”

J.C. Jones
(University of Aberdeen, Scotland)

Author Testimonials

It has been an excellent experience working with Bentham Science, where the review process is fast and efficient, and the editorial staff is friendly and helpful. Bentham Science is a great place to publish your research paper, and I look forward to working with them further.

Prof. Xinyong Liu

Department of Medicinal Chemistry
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Shandong University, Shandong, P.R.China

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