Press Release – A comprehensive insight into intelligent instruments

Modern Intelligent Instruments – Theory and Application is a guide for readers learning about the technical design of intelligent instruments, that is, instruments designed to collect information about the performance of other electronic devices and systems. The book introduces the readers to the concept of intelligent instrumentation and guides them on more advanced aspects of the subject including signal detection and analysis, data processing, performance analysis and data communication. Practical examples are also provided in the latter half of the book to blend the theoretical concepts with applied knowledge for the benefit of the reader.

Key features:

  • Features 10 chapters covering key topics related to intelligent instrument design and operation
  • Provides theoretical knowledge of fundamental concepts
  • Provides practical examples of working instrument models (online equipment monitoring system and a mobile robot)
  • Provides notes on the use of packages such as MATLAB, ARGUINO and Proteus to develop intelligent instruments
  • Presents information in a simple, easy-to-understand format which is reader friendly
  • Presents handy chapter notes and references for the reader

Modern Intelligent Instruments – Theory and Application is a useful textbook for engineering students and technical apprentices learning about instrumentation and PCB design and testing. Read the full Press Release to find out more:

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News Release Date: December 04, 2019

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eBooks Press Release — NEWS | eBook Series, ‘ Anti-Obesity Drug Discovery and Development ’, indexed in Scopus


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‘Anti-Obesity Drug Discovery and Development’, book series published by Bentham eBooks, has been accepted for inclusion in Scopus. Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature including scientific journals, books and conference proceedings.

Obesity is a complex health problem, caused by a number of factors such as excessive food intake, lack of physical activity, genetic predisposition, endocrine disorders, medications and psychiatric illnesses. Anti-obesity Drug Discovery and Development is a book series focused on this very important area of healthcare research. Each volume presents insightful updates on pharmaceutical research and development for clinical researchers and healthcare professionals involved in obesity treatment programs.

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eBooks Press Release — NEWS | ‘Frontiers in Clinical Drug Research – CNS and Neurological Disorders’, indexed in Scopus




The ‘Frontiers in Clinical Drug Research – CNS and Neurological Disorders’ book series published by Bentham eBooks, has been accepted for inclusion in Scopus. Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature including scientific journals, books and conference proceedings.

Frontiers in Clinical Drug Research – CNS and Neurological Disorders is a book series that brings updated reviews to readers interested in advances in the development of pharmaceutical agents for the treatment of central nervous system (CNS) and other nerve disorders. The scope of the book series covers a range of topics including the medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, molecular biology and biochemistry of contemporary molecular targets involved in neurological and CNS disorders. Reviews presented in the series are mainly focused on clinical and therapeutic aspects of novel drugs intended for these targets. Frontiers in Clinical Drug Research – CNS and Neurological Disorders is a valuable resource for pharmaceutical scientists and postgraduate students seeking updated and critical information for developing clinical trials and devising research plans in the field of neurology.


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eBooks Press Release — NEWS | A Concise and Visual Reference for Diagnostic Ultrasonography and Biopsy of the Thyroid Gland


Thyroid Ultrasonography and Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy: A Practical Guide and Picture Atlas is a concise and visual reference for diagnostic ultrasonography and needle biopsy of the human thyroid gland.

The book provides the reader essential information on how to 1) distinguish between normal and abnormal thyroid sonograms, 2) differentiate low suspicion for malignancy thyroid nodules from sonographically high suspicion nodules, 3) evaluate cervical lymph nodes and parathyroid glands, and 4) examine post-thyroidectomy patients with differentiated thyroid cancer. The reader is also introduced to the different thyroid nodule risk stratification systems in ultrasound imaging, when and how to perform thyroid fine needle aspiration biopsies, and the use of percutaneous ethanol injections for cystic thyroid nodules.


Key Features:

  • 11 chapters which begin with an introduction to thyroid ultrasound and progressively explain relevant diagnostic imaging and biopsy procedures for different thyroid diseases (including thyroid cancer and autoimmune diseases)
  • multiple tables and figures which summarize and highlight important points
  • more than 60 ultrasound images which illustrate various ultrasound signs and artefacts from patients
  • a summary of the current standards for the evaluation and clinical management of thyroid nodules based on clinical practice guidelines
  • a detailed list of references, abbreviations and symbols


The textbook is an essential reference for both practicing and training endocrine surgeons, endocrinologists, radiologists, cytopathologists, sonographers as well as any health care worker with an interest in managing thyroid and parathyroid diseases in their daily practice. To read out more, please visit:

eBooks Press Release — NEWS | The Seventh Volume of Topics in Anti-Cancer Research Is Now Available




Topics in Anti-Cancer Research (Volume 7) covers important advances on both experimental (preclinical) and clinical cancer research in drug development.


The book series offers readers an insight into current and future therapeutic approaches for the prevention of different types of cancers, synthesizing new anti-cancer agents, new patented compounds, targets and agents for cancer therapy as well as recent molecular and gene therapy research.

The topics covered in the seventh volume of this series include:

– The role of inflammation in chemotherapy-induced neuromuscular effects

– Advances in nutrigenomics and relevant anti-cancer patents

– Stimuli-responsive nanocarriers for on-demand anti-cancer drug release

– Harnessing biochemical mechanisms that control autophagy for treating esophageal cancer


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eBooks Press Release — NEWS | Bentham Science Publishes New Edition Of Higgin’s Organ Donation Guide


Advances in the science of immunology have improved the success rate of organ transplantations since the mid twentieth century. Organ transplantation is now a lifesaving medical procedure for thousands of patients around the world with end-organ diseases.

The lifesaving potential of transplantation has been limited by the number and quality of appropriate organ donors. The evolution of brain death criteria by the Harvard Ad-Hoc Committee Report has opened the door to understanding the importance of medical, legal and ethical challenges of organ donation in support of the growth of the transplant science. The possibility of organ donation from living donors has enhanced organ availability for patients with kidney failure. Modern inotropes and immunosuppression regimens have been critical to the success of other organ transplant procedures. However, the cornerstone of successful transplantation continues to be the appropriate selection, evaluation, preservation of organ tissues and the successful surgical procurement process to mitigate the impact of tissue ischemia and reperfusion.

In the multi-organ donor: a guide to selection, preservation and procurement, the art and science of organ donation and tissue preservation is examined. Through this authoritative text by leaders in the field, the editors provide a state of the art review of modern preservation techniques, patient selection and screening criteria, as well as best practices for multi-organ procurement. Information presented in the book will familiarize readers with the initial steps of determining organ availability which ultimately enables health care professionals to realize the extraordinary potential of successful multi-organ transplant procedures. This guide is intended to be a fundamental resource for students, residents, faculty and staff for all disciplines allied to health care delivery and organ donation. To read out more, please visit:


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