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“The advantage of the Open Journal series is that it is just that: open, and accessible to anyone with a PC at no charge I appeal to scholars across the disciplines to consider the Open Journal series as a forum for their work.”

J.C. Jones
(University of Aberdeen, Scotland)

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It has been an excellent experience working with Bentham Science, where the review process is fast and efficient, and the editorial staff is friendly and helpful. Bentham Science is a great place to publish your research paper, and I look forward to working with them further.

Prof. Xinyong Liu

Department of Medicinal Chemistry
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Shandong University, Shandong, P.R.China

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Scientific Publications: The Quality Progress

Scientific PublicationsScientific research is incomplete until it is published in quality publication. Scientific journals are usually peer-reviewed and are essential to discuss and introduce the latest scientific research to the world.

There are certain noteworthy publishers that are world leaders in the publication of quality science journals. Elsevier, a pioneer in the industry, has strong roots in journal and book publishing and is renowned for its global dissemination. Wiley, another notable publishing house, boasts a wide range of publications, from medical to accounting, to chemical engineering and public administration. Bentham Science, on the other hand, is a trusted name for its research integrity and stringent peer-review process. And who could forget Taylor & Francis Group, a leading international academic publisher of academic and scholarly research.

Since I have been working with Bentham Science Publishers for over a decade and literally started my publishing career in the organization, I am a testament to its professional management philosophy and culture.

Bentham Science Publishers is a trusted venue when it comes to valuable opportunities for the scientific community, researchers, academic scholars and the student body to publish and share advances in scientific knowledge.

From the Shelves of Bentham eBooks

From the Shelves of Bentham eBooks

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Welcome to Bentham Science

Bentham Science Publishers is a leading name in the STM publications industry and accredited with the publication of over 100 Print and Online Journals, 200 Free to View Open Access Online Journals, and more than 300 eBooks.

Leading journals include Current Pharmaceutical Design (Impact Factor 3.87) and Current Medicinal Chemistry (Impact Factor 4.859, the top journal in its field endorsed by several Nobel Laureates). Other high profile journals include Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry (Impact Factor 4.174), Current Drug Metabolism (Impact Factor 5.113), Current Drug Targets (Impact Factor 3.553), Current Molecular Medicine (Impact Factor 4.476) and Current Cancer Drug Targets (Impact Factor 4.327).

Bentham Science answers the information needs of scientists in the fields of pharmaceutical, biomedical, medical, engineering, technology, computer and social sciences.

Bentham Science Publishers
A leading name in STM publications


Online Journal Archives at Great Discounts!

Bentham Science offers online back volumes of all journals on a title-by-title basis at the following discounts:

Great Discounts
Online Journal Archives

For new Subscribers: 80% discount on the current years listed subscription price X (multiplied by) the number of years involved.

Others: 70% discount on the current years listed subscription price X (multiplied by) the number of years involved.

For details please contact us at

PO BOX 7917
TEL: +9716 5571132
FAX: +9716 5571134
subscriptions@benthamscience.org or your local journal subscription agency

From the Shelves of Bentham eBooks

Series Title: Progress in Computational Physics (PiCP) Volume 3
Volume Title: Novel Trends in Lattice-Boltzmann Methods

Progress in Computational Physics is an e-book series devoted to recent research trends in computational physics. It contains chapters contributed by outstanding experts of modeling of physical problems. The series focuses on interdisciplinary computational perspectives of current physical challenges, new numerical techniques for the solution of mathematical wave equations and describes certain real-world applications.

In this book series, research manuscripts are shortened as single chapters and focus on one hot topic per volume.

Engineers, physicists, meteorologists, etc. and applied mathematicians can benefit from the series content. Readers will get a deep and active insight into state-of-the art modeling and simulation techniques of ultra-modern devices and problems.

The third volume – Novel Trends in Lattice Boltzmann Methods – Reactive Flow, Physicochemical Transport and Fluid-Structure Interaction – contains 09 chapters devoted to mathematical analysis of different issues related to the lattice Boltzmann methods, advanced numerical techniques for physico-chemical flows, fluid structure interaction and practical applications of these phenomena to real world problems.


Novel Trends in Lattice-Boltzmann Methods
Progress in Computational Physics

From the Shelves of Bentham eBooks

Physiologic Autoimmunity and Preventive Medicine

The book is dedicated to the history and current status of physiologic autoimmunity concept and relation between autoimmunity and autoallergy in the context of disease prevention and prediction. The immune system is a natural component, regulator and direct participant in the physiological activities in a healthy body.

Book is unique, it is a single monograph comprehensively including history and current status of natural autoimmunity problem. It describes a fundamental concept essencial for every branch of Medicine and Pathology. The concept described has broad practical application for Health Care, because it establishes effective method of early prediction for many different diseases, creates a basis for prophylaxis. Reader has a chance to get rid of old dogmas and acquire new instrument for fruitful theoretical reasoning, research planning and predictive/preventive practical medical work.

New Releases
Physiologic Autoimmunity and Preventive Medicine


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