New Book Announcement –Perinatal Cardiology Part 1 and Part 2

In Perinatal Cardiology, fetal cardiology experts provide key information on tools for fetal evaluation through echocardiography / cardiac ultrasonography, with a primary focus on the nature and prenatal detection of structural and functional cardiac heart defects (CHDs). In this two-part book, readers will find details about different types of fetal cardiac abnormalities along with important updates on the diagnosis, management, planning delivery, and postnatal treatment in CHD cases. This information is supplemented with guidelines for the clinical management of patients with a fetus affected by cardiovascular defects, and surgical procedures in neonates.

Key features:

  1. -presents information gathered by experts in perinatal cardiology, organized into 26 topic-based chapters
  2. -explores the cardiac development, fetal cardiovascular hemodynamics, genetic and environmental factors associated with congenital heart defects (CHD), perinatal management, planning delivery, and postnatal treatment of newborns with CHD
  3. -presents information about normal cardiac functions and heart defects to give readers a clear and detailed picture of abnormal cardiac function
  4. -presents information about perinatal ultrasound physiology
  5. -gives practical guidelines for ultrasound and echography parameters required for evaluating fetal heart anatomy and diagnosing diseases
  6. -includes a new system of classifying prenatal CHDs based on the stratification of the risk level of care
  7. -features a straightforward and accessible style of presentation suitable for all readers
  8. -provides references in each chapter for further reading

Part 1 of this two-part set covers the basics of perinatal cardiology which chapters that introduce readers to CHD classification, fetal heart and placental physiology and pathology, diagnosis of fetal cardiac malposition and anomalies and some congenital heart defects such as septal defects, cardiac anomalies of the left and sec sides, conotruncal anomalies and aortic arch anomalies.

Part 2 of this two-part set delves into different fetal anomalies such as ventricular inflow anomalies, myocardial and pericardial diseases, cardiac tumors, extra-cardiac conditions, cardiac failure, and environmental factors associated with CHD. The latter chapters cover clinical topics such as labor management for patients bearing a child with CHD, fetal cardiac interventions, clinical management of neonates with CHD and postnatal surgery.

Perinatal Cardiology is an essential reference for postgraduate medical students seeking to improve their knowledge of fetal and pediatric cardiology as part of their residency and professional training. The book equips readers with the information necessary to understand the role of the perinatal cardiologist and goes further to facilitate the ability to perform adequate risk assessments for fetal CHD.

Read out the full version: Part 1

Part 2

New Book Announcement – Perspectives in Lung Cancer

Perspectives in Lung Cancer compiles basic and advanced topics on lung cancer pathology and treatment in a single volume. Chapters introduce the reader to chest and lung anatomy followed by the biology of lung cancer. Subsequent chapters delve into diagnostic methods for lung cancer while progressing into treatment options. The book culminates into an explanation of the concept of the Lung Cancer Centre, which is a representation of the editors’ vision for organizing a lung cancer treatment unit.

Key features:

  1. -Organizes key topics covering both standard and avante-garde topics related to lung cancer
  2. -All contributions are presented by experts in lung cancer treatment
  3. -Addresses basic biology of lung cancer
  4. -Provides information about 3D surgical planning, a relatively new concept in the field of thoracic surgery
  5. -Addresses the standard method of resection, VATS and Mini VATS
  6. -Covers the role of radiation and systemic anti-cancer therapies in lung cancer treatment
  7. -Provides a glimpse of modern methods such as image guided surgery and therapy, laser therapy, and photodynamic therapy
  8. -Covers the role of palliative care for lung cancer
  9. -Presents information about a visionary organization of a lung cancer unit and treatment centre

The combination of carefully organised chapters covering a wide array of topics make this reference an essential reference for healthcare professionals interested in acquiring a broad perspective on lung cancer treatment with the goal of improving patient outcomes. Read out the full version here

New Book Announcement – Changing Landscapes in Urban British Churchyards

Changing Landscapes in Urban British Churchyards

Authors: “Sylvia E. Thornbush”“Mary J. Thornbush”

This interdisciplinary reference work presents a linked consideration, to the reader, of physical-cultural (physicocultural) representations of headstones located in urban churchyards in England and Scotland. The geomorphology of landscapes relevant to these locations is explained with the help of detailed case studies from Oxford and Edinburgh. The integrated physicocultural approach addresses the conservation of the archaeological record and presents a cross-temporal perspective of landscape change – of the headstones as landforms in their landscape (as part of deathscapes). The physical record (of headstones) is examined in the context of both cultural representation and change. In this way, an integrated approach is employed that connects the physical (natural) and cultural (social) records kept by historians and archeologists over the years.

Changing Landscapes in Urban British Churchyards is of interest to geomorphologists, historians and scholars interested in understanding landscaping studies and cultural nuance of specific historical urban sites in England and Scotland. Read out the full version HERE


The proposed book is a collaborative work between an archaeologist with research expertise in historical archaeology and a geomorphologist with research interests in applied (environmental) geomorphology and landscape change. As an interdisciplinary work, the book provides a linked consideration of physical-cultural (physicocultural) representations of headstones located in urban churchyards in England and Scotland, with detailed case studies from 13 urban churchyards located in six urban centres, including two coastal sites. The integrated physicocultural approach that becomes apparent by the end of the book addresses the conservation of the archaeological record and presents a cross-temporal perspective of headstones as part of deathscapes. The physical record (of headstones) is examined in the context of cultural representation and change. In this way, an integrated approach is employed that connects physical and cultural aspects of the material culture.


The authors confirm that the content of this book has no conflict of interest.

S. E. Thornbush

School of History, Classics and Archaeology
University of Edinburgh


Mary J. Thornbush

Oriel College
University of Oxford

Bentham Books | Making Chemistry Education More Engaging with Computers

Bentham social.docx


The recent COVID-19 outbreak has been the main reason behind several temporary school closures around the world. This has made the idea of continuing to pursue educational activities during this time a challenging proposition. The current lockdowns implemented in different countries has forced schoolteachers who wish to complete their current teaching periods to transition immediately to the online classroom. Many schools have already started online classes in the wake of the crisis caused by the global COVID-19 crises. Accessing and managing online teaching resources can be a bit difficult for educators or pupils accustomed to a conventional classroom.

A couple of our authors reached out to us and asked if Bentham Science had a solution for their book, Computer Based Projects for a Chemistry Curriculum – which is a great resource for school and college students and teachers interesting in using computers to illustrate fundamental concepts in chemistry. And we have responded. Starting today up to June 30, Bentham Science Publishers is making the eBook free to download. This means high school teachers and students anywhere in the world can access the content benefit from the projects presented in the book.

Computer Based Projects for a Chemistry Curriculum, authored by Thomas Manning and Aurora Grumatges, presents 24 chapters each giving information about activities employing applications such as MS excel (spreadsheets) and Spartan (computational modeling). Each project is explained in a simple, easy-to-understand manner. The content within this book is suitable as a guide for both teachers and students and each chapter is supplemented with practice guidelines and exercises. The book contents can be accessed here.

We hope that students around the world can benefit from the interesting and informative variety of projects presented in the book, while also allowing educators working in schools to continue their teaching activities throughout the academic year amidst the current pandemic crisis. Stay safe, and happy chemistry learning. Please visit the book page here:

Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month


Bentham Science publish Articles related to Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month in its Subscription based Journals including:


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Relevant Books

Science of Spices and Culinary Herbs - Latest Laboratory, Pre-clinical, and Clinical Studies
Science of Spices and Culinary Herbs – Latest Laboratory, Pre-clinical, and Clinical Studies  







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Press Release | Ethic of Canadian Nursing Practice


ethics of care



There is an increased use of technology and informatics, heavier workloads and constant changes in the way in which disease processes are managed. Yet, when compared with other health professionals, nurses still spend a great deal of time in direct contact with patients and clients

The Ethic of Care: A Moral Compass for Canadian Nursing Practice motivates the nurses in achieving accountability and sustainability in healthcare systems around Canada with great emphasis to overcome social biases. Encourages in the development of skills and compassion in order to leave the patient with better impression. Nurses should be the ethical leaders at client, community as well as global level.

This book is unique from other nursing ethics textbooks in several key ways. The book adds a heightened dimension to the already rich knowledge in the field of applied nursing ethics and the ethic of care. The author argues that the ethic of care, or the moral imperative to act justly, be the guiding compass for everything that nurses do. It is with passion and conviction that nurses are encouraged to embody the ethic of care as a “lived virtue.” Nurses are also inspired to be the leaders of tomorrow by working toward achieving accountability and sustainability in the Canadian publicly funded health care system and by effectively addressing social inequities. At the end of each chapter the author conveys real life case studies, as derived from her experiences as a critical care nurse, psychiatric nurse clinician and former Coroner. These vignettes bring the subject to life and serve as a means for applying newly acquired ethical knowledge. The aim of this book is to inspire nurses to be as skillful, and compassionate as they can be so that they will leave every encounter with their clients, better than when they first arrived. The book attempts to inspire nurses to be ethical leaders for social change at the patient/client, community and global level. This revised edition of the book includes additional information about trauma-informed care to combat systemic racism and improve the health outcomes for Indigenous people; ethics, gender and sexual orientation is dealt with in an inclusive and sensitive way, and a new Code of Conduct has been included.

About the Author:

Dr. Kathleen Stephany PhD is a Registered Nurse with British Columbia College of Nursing Professionals and a certified Psychologist with the Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association. Dr. Kathleen has a PhD in Counselling Psychology and currently working as Nurse Educator in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program at Douglas College in Coquitlam, BC where she teaches courses in applied nursing ethics and mental health. Prior to being awarded her doctorate degree, she earned an MA in Counselling Psychology, BA in Psychology, BScN and a Diploma in Nursing. Dr. Kathleen is a member of the International Association for Suicide Prevention and the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention. She is also a member of other professional associations such as The Canadian Nurses Association, The Canadian Mental Health Association, the Xia Eta Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International, Honor Society of Nursing, and The Western Northern Region of the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing. In January 2016 Dr. Kathleen was recognized by World Wide Branding for Excellence in Nursing Education. She is the author of several textbooks and self-help books and also serves as an Ethicist, Ethic of care Theorist, Suicidologist, motivational speaker and media consultant. Read full Press Release to find out more:




For more information please visit:

New eBook Announcement | Stress Response And Immunity: Links And Trade Offs



Editor: “Nadia Danilova”


All living organisms face two major challenges: to adjust to constantly changing environment and to protect themselves from pathogens. How organisms integrate responses to these challenges is the subject of this book. Cellular machinery can function properly only in a narrow range of condition. The same is true for multicellular organisms. When conditions deviate from the acceptable range, that creates stress and requires change. Physical stress can be caused by starvation, heat, cold, irradiation, and other factors. In addition, higher animals can experience mental stress caused by fear, neglect, isolation etc. Stress response is a set of measures that preserve homeostasis in the face of environmental changes. Pathogens are another challenge for most life forms. Viruses and mobile genetic elements infect all organisms. Multicellular organisms can also be infected by bacterial and eukaryotic pathogens. These subjects are presented in the first two chapters of the book.

The next section presents the elaborate mechanisms of stress and immune responses in bacteria and archaea. A common response to stress in prokaryotes includes, among other means, switching to an alternative transcriptional mode. Prokaryotic immunodefense mechanisms are built on two strategies that are also conserved in eukaryotes. One is innate immunity based on genetically encoded molecules/receptors. The other — adaptive immunity is based on unique molecules/receptors that are created de novo in response to infection.

Eukaryotic stress response is discussed next. Global inhibition of translation, called integrated stress response, is a common reaction to many stresses in eukaryotic cells. In multicellular organisms, most individual cells have autonomous immunodefense mechanisms which function in collaboration with stress response. Some stress responses can participate in immunodefense. A notable example is unfolded protein response. It cleanses the cell of misfolded proteins plus also targets viral proteins because of their difference from cellular proteins. In animals, cellular stress response can trigger cytokine production and systemic response, which includes inflammation and engagement of specialised immune systems. Even subtle changes in homeostasis can activate such a response. The incredible sensitivity of cellular machinery to changes has a dark side; stress and ensuing immune mechanisms such as inflammation and complement can be induced without infection or substantial injury and lead to pathology.

In complex organisms with specialised immune systems, discussed next, the relationship between stress and immunity becomes more complex and sometimes antagonistic. Mental stress can cause activation of immune mechanisms, which, in turn, can affect the brain’s functioning, and behavior. In the recent decade, science has discovered the paramount importance of interaction of all levels of stress response with immunity in the etiology of many human diseases from atherosclerosis to Alzheimer’s. Read out the full version here 



Nadia Danilova
Department of Molecular,
Cell & Developmental Biology,
University of California, Los Angeles CA,



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Press Release | The eighth edition of Topics in Anti-Cancer Research has been issued


Bentham Science news 2020


This volume focuses mainly on the new approaches and challenges encountered in cancer stem cell therapy.



The current book series discusses the advancement in effective cancer therapy and deals with the developments of new drugs and new patented targets, agents and synthetic compounds. The following areas have been highlighted in this volume:

  • Recent patent literature reveals the role of estrogen as endocrine disruptor through inhibition of the AF1 Domain of liganded and unliganded Estrogen Receptors (ERs).
  • Natural and potent synthetic phenazines patent derivatives with substituent groups i.e. alkyl, amide, carboxylic acid, aldehyde, and pyrano groups show potent anticancer activities.
  • The potential role of ShcA proteins in stimulating metastasis and advancement of cancer will offer the new tools for cancer therapy. New approaches and challenges for cancer stem cell aiming at cancer therapy is included in this volume.
  • The anti-tumor activity of mono Bcl-2 inhibitors and Bcl-2 inhibitors in combination with rapologs will be a novel beneficial invention for the cure of advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) as well as other cancer.

The diversity of research topics published in this series will be valuable for cancer researchers, clinicians and cancer professionals aiming to develop new anti-cancer targets and patents for the treatment of various cancers.

About The Editors:

Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman, Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Cambridge University (1968), has 1150 international publications in several fields of organic chemistry including 775 research publications, 43 international patents, 70 chapters in books and 254 books published largely by major U.S. and European presses. He is the Editor-in-Chief of eight European Chemistry journals. He is Editor of the world’s leading encyclopaedic series of volumes on natural products “Studies in Natural Product Chemistry” 60 volumes of which have been published under his Editorship by Elsevier during the last two decades.

Dr. Khurshid Zaman completed her Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from H.E.J. Institute of Chemistry, Karachi, Pakistan. Some research work on trace element analysis and Liver regeneration was carried out from Lund University Sweden during her Ph.D. She has done Post Doc. Research from Hamdard University in collaboration with H.E.J. Institute of Chemistry, Karachi, Pakistan and from Geneva, Switzerland in the area of tissue culture. She has published research papers, reviews and edited several book series volumes. She was the Editor of Pakistan Journal of Scientific Research. Dr. Zaman is currently serving as the Executive Editor of Patent Journals and Book series at Bentham Science Publishers. She is also a member of WAME and UNIDO Assessor in Laboratory Accreditation ISO/IEC 17025. Read full Press Release to find out more:


For more information please visit:

Press Release | New book series aims to provide frontier reviews on anti-infective agents


post news.jpg


Frontiers in Anti-Infective Agents is a book series that focuses on antibiotics and vaccines, both current and new.

The series is essential reading for general readers, healthcare professionals, researchers and academicians actively involved in research on infectious diseases and anti-infective therapeutic drugs.

The first volume is a comprehensive documentation on major infectious diseases from tropical countries which pose a serious threat to global healthcare programs. These include diseases such as tuberculosis, AIDS, leishmaniasis (kala-azar), elephantiasis, malaria, leprosy, various fungal disorders and emergent viral diseases. Due to the widespread use of antibiotics, there is an emergence of drug resistant pathogens in many regions. Hence, there is a need to search for novel, cost-effective bioactive compounds that demonstrate high efficacy and low toxicity in human cells from unexplored ecosystems to combat emerging drug resistant pathogens. Chapters written for this volume focus on the pathogenesis and etiology of each of the mentioned diseases, updated WHO reports wherever applicable, conventional drugs and their pharmacokinetics as well as new approaches to develop anti-infective agents.

The authors also present a detailed report on multi-drug resistant pathogens (‘superbugs’) and new measures being taken up to eradicate them. Information about new antimicrobials (bioactive peptides and silk protein sericin) and the approaches taken by scientists and healthcare professionals for successful targeting of these molecules for human medicine. For more information, please visit:

About The Editors:

Dr. K. Tamreihao completed his PhD and Master of Science from the Department of Biochemistry, Manipur University, India. He is working as PDF in a project sponsored by Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. His research interest lies in the area of plant growth promotion by actinobacteria and feather degradation by keratinolytic actinobacteria and the biofertilizing potential of degraded feathers.

Dr Saikat Mukherjee completed his M.Sc (Biotechnology) from Calcutta University and PhD from CSIR- Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata. He has participated in postdoctoral research programs in University of Geneva, Switzerland and Manipur University, India. His research expertise is in mitochondrial bioenergetics and purification of protein complexes from protozoal, human, bacterial and algal systems.

Prof. Debananda S. Ningthoujam earned his Masters of Science (Life Sciences) from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and PhD (Environmental Biotechnology) from NEERI, Nagpur. He is currently working as a Professor of Biochemistry at the university of Manipur. Prof. Ningthoujam is a life member of several scientific society including AMI, BRSI, SBC, ASM and ISCA. He is actively researching actinomycete biology and biotechnology and has several completed and ongoing projects to his credit. Six new actinomycete species have been reported from his lab. Prof. Ningthoujam has over 25 years of teaching experience and five research scholars have earned their PhDs under his mentorship. He has also supervised several PDF candidates.


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