Treat Blood Pressure With Exercise

Blood pressure is among the most common problems that people suffer with. This is a more frequently occurring phenomena as we age. There are several reasons including increased body weight, weaker heart, hardening blood vessels and such. Usually people are left with no option but to take regular medicines to keep the pressure in control.


Research, however, has proven that there can be another resort, which is to include regular exercise in our life. Exercise does not only mean weight training; it can be any physical work where we exert energy and keep ourselves moving. Mowing the lawn, normal morning and evening walks, jogging and other routines that we spend time on every day, can do the trick. When we exercise, our heart muscles gradually become stronger. Stronger heart can pump blood more easily without putting extra pressure. As the pumping improves the blood flow to vessels also improves. This means that our heart does not have to pressurize the vessels by pounding blood through them.

Similarly our breathing improves with exercise. We tend to get more oxygen into our blood with better breathing. The exercises that enhance breathing are also called aerobics. The Department of Health and Human Services, USA, has proposed that we should have at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobics, or 75 minutes of intense aerobics every week to keep the blood pressure in check. There are various routines – simple to very complex – that can be followed depending on our capacity. But the key to exercising is consistency. If you start it one day, do it every day and see your blood pressure well under control.

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