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Press Release – Androgen receptor targeted imaging of prostate cancer as future modality for diagnosis

This article by Dr. Ghulam Murtaza et al. is published in Current Medical Imaging Reviews, Volume 13, 2017

Prostate cancer is the second most prevailing cancer among men worldwide. In the most cases, prostate cancer is slowly progressing, whereas, in some cases, it is a rapidly progressing disease with a significantly high mortality rate. Thus, there is still demand for prostate-specific imaging in order to provide image-guided early diagnosis and for provision of patient-specific therapy. Besides discussing traditional diagnostic approaches, this review illustrates a perspective on prostate cancer imaging summarizing current imaging approaches with a special focus on prostate specific membrane antigen (PSMA), bombesin (BN) and androgen receptor (AR) targeted imaging using positron emission tomography (PET) and single positron emission computed tomography (SPECT) based on 99mTc and other radiotracers. Here, the prostate biology is rethought for nuclear imaging as future modality for early, rapid and efficient diagnosis of prostate cancer. Future direction in prostate cancer imaging involves the development of androgen receptor based imaging using nonsteroidal antiandrogen agent for early diagnosis of prostate cancer.

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Testimonial by Saibin Wang!

Saibin Wang

Contributed Article: “Clinical Application of Percutaneous Puncture Biopsy Guided by Fused and 3D-reconstructed PET/CT Images

Wishing A Very Happy Birthday to Dr. E. Edmund Kim!

Dr. E. Edmund Kim

Dr. E. Edmund Kim

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Current Medical Imaging Reviews

Department of Diagnostic Radiology, University of California
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Upcoming Thematic Issue – Medical Image Security and Coding – Current Medical Imaging Reviews

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Highlighted Article – Craniocervical Dissections – Current Medical Imaging Reviews

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Highlighted Article – Craniocervical Dissection – Current Medical Imaging Reviews

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Testimonial by Dr. Javaid Irfan!

Dr. Javaid Irfan

Contributed Article: “Synthesis and Altered Biodistribution of 99mTc Labeled Vincristine in Animal Model

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