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Saeed Samarghandian

Contributed Article: Anti-Carcinogenic Effects of Carnosol-An Updated Review

Editor’s Choice – “Solid State Concerns During Drug Discovery and Development: Thermodynamic and Kinetic Aspects of Crystal Polymorphism and the Special Cases of Concomitant Polymorphs, Co-Crystals and Glasses”

Journal: Current Drug Discovery Technologies

Author(s): Daniel P. Otto, Melgardt M. De Villiers

Graphical Abstract:


During drug discovery and development the thermodynamics and kinetics of crystal form transitions must be studied and the fundamental properties of polymorphs must be identified. However, despite the accumulation of knowledge and experimental evidence that support the understanding of crystallization, its predictability still presents significant challenges. With the continuous development of new drug delivery technologies, even more complex situations arise such as difficult cases of polymorph selection, co-crystallization of different molecules, and manipulation of the crystallization environment for example amorphous solids. This review covers some fundamental thermodynamics and kinetics of simple system, before the discussions consider at these special cases and how the manipulation of thermodynamic and kinetic processes has increased our knowledge, understanding and application of crystallization science during the drug development process.

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SMI EVENT-Orphan Drugs and Rare Diseases Europe 2017!

SMi is proud to announce the return of their 6th annual Orphan Drugs event to Berlin Germany on the 15th -16th May 2017!


The global orphan drug market totaled nearly $123 billion in 2014 and will continue to grow to reach nearly $191 billion by 2019.* With such growth and innovation witnessed in this field now is the best time to discuss and strategize the best route to market. Germany is Europe’s largest pharma market but is recognised as having one of the toughest pricing policies in Europe. SMi’s 6th annual Orphan Drugs will discuss the controversial German pricing mechanism as well as bring together leading industry professionals to discuss the latest regulatory developments, explore how to reduce costs and learn from the latest innovations in the orphan drug landscape.

For more information and to register online, please visit: www.orphandrugs-event.com

Journal: Current Drug Discovery Technologies

EBook: Frontiers in Cardiovascular Drug Discovery Volume 2

New Issue ::: Current Drug Discovery Technologies, 13 Issue 2

Due to the plethora of new approaches being used in modern drug discovery by the pharmaceutical industry, Current Drug Discovery Technologies has been established to provide comprehensive overviews of all the major modern techniques and technologies used in drug design and discovery. The journal is the forum for publishing original research papers, reviews, drug clinical trial studies and guest edited thematic issues describing novel approaches and cutting edge technologies used in all stages of drug discovery. The journal addresses the multidimensional challenges of drug discovery science including integration issues of the drug discovery process.

Current Drug Discovery Technologies is an essential journal for all scientists and research managers involved in drug discovery who wish to keep abreast of all the modern techniques and technologies used in drug discovery.

new Issue 2

Articles from the journal Current Drug Discovery Technologies, Volume 13, Issue 2:

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