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Editor’s Choice – Advances and Perspectives in Cancer Nanotherapy – Current Nanomedicine

Journal: Current Nanomedicine

Author(s): Costas Demetzos, Natassa Pippa, Stergios Pispas.

Graphical Abstract:


Background: Cancer nanotherapy integrate efficacious molecules that otherwise could not be used because of their high toxicity and exploit multiple mechanisms of actions (e.g. multifunctional gels, functional polymers, hybrid nanoparticles). The aim of this review is to contemplate the designed and developed nanoparticulate systems that exhibit a benefit in cancer nanotherapy strongly related with the properties of the nanoplatforms formulation.

Method: Systemic search and review of papers regarding cancer nanotherapy took place via MedLine and abstract presentations of international conferences.

Results: The recent advances in the development of self-assembled structures of lipids- (i.e. liposomes, niosomes, etc.) and of polymers- (micelles, polymersomes, dendrimers, polymeric nanoparticles, hydrogels, etc.) as well as clinical perspectives will be discussed on the basis of pharmaceutical nanotechnology considerations, and on their in vitro and in vivo evaluation. Chimeric/Mixed nanoplatforms that are composed at least of two different in nature biomaterials (i.e. phospholipids and polymers) can be considered as new technological outcomes in cancer nanotherapy that could be able to deliver anticancer drugs to specific tissues.

Conclusion: They can improve the pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics behavior of antitumor molecules, affect their total bioavailability and provide innovative delivery behavior due to their nanotechnological profile.

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Highlighted Article – Advances And Perspectives In Cancer Nanotherapy – Current Nanomedicine

CN-Articles-7 -3-2017-Costas Demetzos

New Issue :: Current Nanomedicine 7, Issue 1

Current Nanomedicine publishes reviews, research articles and guest edited thematic issues in the field of nanomedicine. The journal is essential reading for all academic, industrial and clinical researchers who wish to be kept informed about important breakthroughs in nanomedicine.


Articles from the journal Current Nanomedicine 7, Issue 1:

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A very Happy Birthday to Dr. Victor Manuel Castano Meneses!

Dr. Victor Manuel Castano Meneses -1 sep

Editor-in-Chief: Current Nanomedicine

Dr. Victor Manuel Castano Meneses

Centro de Fisica Aplicada y Tecnologia Avanzada,
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico,
Boulevard Juriquilla 3001, Queretaro 76230,

Open Access Article – “Recent Innovations in Cancer Chemotherapy by Nanomedicines”

Journal: Current Nanomedicine

Author(s): Hiraku Onishi and Yoshiaki Machida


Background: Various drug delivery systems of antitumor drugs have been developed for past several decades. Nanomedicines, being one of promising choices, have been attracting much attention for the purpose of improving clinical use; because, they sometimes exhibit superior potentiality of enhanced efficacy and reduction of toxicity. Recently, many nanomedicines have been found to have useful results in the preclinical studies, and reached clinical trials or clinically-available stages. As there are few overviews for such situation, the brief explanation of such promising nanomedicines has been performed in this review.

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