Health Benefits of Deep Breathing

When we are stressed, angry or anxious, we might experience rapid, shallow breathing, tightened muscles, and other negative symptoms. Not only do these unpleasant symptoms feel bad, they may also lead to heart problems, sleeplessness, increased blood pressure, infections and autoimmune diseases in the long run, if experienced repeatedly.

Breathe Deeply

Luckily, deep breathing can help you avoid these unpleasant symptoms and diseases. But what exactly does deep breathing do for you? Here’s a list:

  1. It relaxes your muscles

It is hard to maintain physical tension when breathing deeply.

  1. It improves oxygen delivery

When you are relaxed and breathing deeply, fresh oxygen is supplied to every cell in your body. This leads to better functionality of body organs, as well as enhanced mental focus and physical strength.

  1. It lowers blood pressure

As your muscles release tension as a result of deep breathing, your blood vessels expand and your blood pressure is normalized.

  1. It causes endorphins’ release

Deep breathing causes the release of endorphins, thus increasing the sensations of comfort and relieving pain.

  1. It detoxifies

Taking long and deep breaths helps improve lymphatic system function which boosts dangerous toxin release, thus cleansing the body and allowing it to focus its energy to more fruitful tasks.

So, breathe deeply and live more joyfully!

Do You Know Why You Should Smile?!


We never think much on this vital action of ours that we perform voluntarily, or otherwise, every day. Smiling is an immensely healthy habit that need not be given up. Here is just a glimpse as to why we say this:

  1. Smiles never stay to yourself – they spread. The part of brain dealing with it is so much looking to do it that when you even see another person grinning you catch the trend straightaway.
  2. Smiling fights stress and calms you down. It is known to lower the heart rate and ward off stress and anxiety. It helps release endorphins, the same enzymes in our body that come out during workout and give us pleasure.
  3. Grinning boosts your immune system. It helps produce white blood cells that defend against illnesses.
  4. Smiling makes you more approachable and attractive. People fall for sweet smiles.
  5. You become more trustworthy for the others. It helps people believe in you.

Keep smiling!!!

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