Most Accessed Article – Next Steps in the Russian Innovation Ecosystem

Journal: Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship

Author(s): R Page Heller.

Affiliation: University of Notre Dame, Office of Technology Transfer, 940 Grace Hall, Notre Dame, IN 46556- 5612, USA


Abstract: Russia’s innovation has long been admired throughout the world. Her scientists are outstanding in their fields and her engineers have used science to accomplish great feats, from the development of superior alloys to reaching outer space. Now, Russia must learn a new science; that of turning great engineered products into business opportunities. Recent studies of market, capital, people, culture, infrastructure and regulations have resulted in the identification of specific areas needing work. In this paper, the author offers his opinion by making a recommendation for steps which should be taken next to overcome obstacles in the path of economic diversity for Russia.

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Eleventh Biennial Conference at EDI (February 18-20, 2015) – Call for Papers

Eleventh Biennial Conference at EDI (February 18-20, 2015)

New BSP Journal: Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship

Aims & Scope

“Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship” (TTE) publishes definitive review articles including case histories covering a broad range of topics that underlie the business of biomedical and research, specifically translating basic scientific discoveries into commercial opportunities. This includes understanding of the technology transfer process and entrepreneurship in academia, the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries; directed towards economic development, better healthcare, and long-term job creation.

The journal scope includes economic insights on how technology is transferred within the bioscience and healthcare industries, and the underlying entrepreneurship that embodies scientific and biomedical research.

The journal will be published in April 2014. Open access will be encouraged as much as possible, with issues in the first year being available online free of charge. TTE will be published by Bentham Science Publishers (, a world leader in scientific publishing.

Interested authors should send a 1-page proposal and outline for their proposed review/original research article to either of the journal Editors or


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