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Journal: Current Pharmaceutical Design


Guest Editor(s): Antoni Camins Espuny, Carlos Beas-zarate
Tentative Publication Date: November, 2019

“New Targets and strategies of Medical Treatments in neurological and neurodegenerative


Current Pharmaceutical Design


The objective of this special issue is to give a vision of different pharmacological and nutritional strategies to develop new treatments for the prevention and cure of diseases that affect the central nervous system. Refractory epilepsy affects 20-30% of patients and constitutes a serious problem should be solved in the future knowing the cause of the loss of effectiveness of drugs. With reference to the other neurodegenerative diseases, it is evident that it is necessary to propose new strategies to solve the problem of cognitive loss in AD, for example, by stimulating the hippocampal insulin receptor, by inhibiting glial activity, or, by the development of new drug strategies through nanoparticles.

This thematic issue will gather information with and emphasis in new targets and strategies the potential therapeutic uses. Moreover, it will generate a forum for discussion of development of new pharmaceutical strategies (nanoparticles, etc) and effects, including the effect in different biological systems. For more details please visit:


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Call for Papers | Current Medicinal Chemistry


Special Thematic Issues | Forthcoming Issues

Journal: Current Medicinal Chemistry


Medicinal Plants and Mushrooms as Unfailing Source of Pharmacological Active Molecules for the Treatment and Supportive Therapy in Chronic Diseases and Conditions


This thematic issue will cover the effects of medicinal plants, mushrooms and isolated compounds from them on chronic diseases and conditions. The role of bioactive compounds from mushrooms in skin disorders will be described within this thematic issue, as well as the effects of plant extracts and isolated compounds in the treatment and prevention of chronic skin conditions. The inhibitory effects of medicinal plants and compounds on enzymes linked with chronic diseases therapy will be presented. Therapeutic potential of Lamiaceae plants in cardiovascular diseases will be covered, as well as plant products as antidiabetic agents. Anticancer activity of sesquiterpene lactones – compounds isolated from plants will be reviewed. Furthermore, medicinal plants and mushrooms as an alternative therapy for the treatment of chronic sinusitis and tonsillitis will be presented by the authors, as well as beneficial effects of fruits consumption in prevention and management of type 2 diabetes. For more details please visit:


Guest Editor(s): Dejan Stojkovic, Milos Nikolic, Marina Sokovic
Tentative Publication Date: January, 2020


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