How To Beat Your Booze?

Holiday season is at its peak and one day after the other parties keep coming up. Even if you have planned for it, get-togethers are hard to avoid. To add, winter is at its full swing. All these reasons are good enough to make you drink alcohol far more than your normal days. Drinking beyond limits can be devastating for health and needs to be checked strictly. But, are there any proper measures one can take?

drinks on a bar

There are some basic tips that can help. To state a few:

  1. Write down the benefits of quitting alcohol. It will serve as a reminder and motivating factor.
  2. Note down your last drinking incident and also how much you had.
  3. Set your drinking limit and try your best to keep below it.
  4. Try to give gaps in days when you drink. The longer your gap, the better it will prove for you.
  5. Never use alcohol with empty tummy.
  6. Drink non-alcoholic beverages as much as you can; especially as intervals between your next pegs.
  7. Most importantly, learn to say no to your friends and peers. Never feel obliged when you get the offer to have more.

Enjoy your life but keep in control!

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