CNPIEC awarded Bentham Science Publishers “Partner of Excellence”

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In consideration of our intimate/growing cooperation, CNPIEC awarded us “Partner of Excellence” on their 70th Birthday

China National Publications Import and Export (Group) Corporation is the largest publications import and export company and international book fair organizer in China and is specialized in trading books, periodicals and audio & video products in China.

Bentham Science Publishers is rendering a vital service in the quality publication that publishes over 100 peer-reviewed print and online scientific and medical journals.

Writing Like a Scientist

I always had a flair for reading and I love reading all sorts of books. One day I decided to increase my knowledge and learn more by reading research papers and medical journals. I still remember the fateful day when I started my new mission. It did not take me long to realize that all research papers had two things in common. Those are: technical jargon that made me question my intelligence and innovative writing styles that can make even an insomniac fall asleep.  But on the bright side, after reading couple of research papers I figured out the art of writing like a scientist (pun intended).


The first step of writing like a scientist is not to use the first person language. This way it will seem that your work is not written by a human. You should write in such a way that the reader may feel that the hypothesis and results magically appeared out of the thin air. The easiest approach to achieve this is by practicing writing by opting for in semi-passive voice or simply writing like Yoda of Star wars. For instance,” opted by us, the quantitative research methodology was”.  Here is an idea: start talking like Yoda in your real life and soon you will master this art. However, on the flip side you may lose your friends and people may stop talking to you.

Apart from that if you want to highlight your intellectual capacity, include as many references as you can. Make sure, that the reader should spend at least two days to track down your actual reference sources. This way, they will understand how much you have read before writing.

One tip: always start your writing with phrases like “as everyone knows” or “it is a common knowledge” and then talk about rocket science or something that an ordinary person cannot understand. That way, your readers will immediately understand that their IQ is not up to the mark. Moreover, if your readers are students looking for references for the final year thesis they will surely realize their intellectual inferiority.

Professional writing or research writing is not easy. Such work requires specific skills and their content should be to the point. Unfortunately, use of humor is also not encouraged in such works either.  Moreover, research papers, science blogs and magazines are also meant for specific audience. However, it is high time for the intellectuals to adopt changes into their writing; in order to entertain broader audience and making their work captivating as well. This way more people will be interested in their fields of work and wider audience will be acquainted with fresh if not new knowledge.

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