One Healthy Diet Does Not Fit All!

Health conscious people prefer to take a balanced diet incorporating all types of food that promise to keep their weight, blood sugar, blood pressure and all markers of health in control. But what is a balanced diet is a question disturbing the researchers now. Does everything suit everyone and has the same effect? Until now it was thought to be so but not anymore.

Researchers in Israel tested for dietary effects on 800 people treating them to same healthy diet. The results were astounding for the researchers as every food type affected people differently. For instance, one woman found her blood sugar rising when she consumed tomatoes – a proper healthy food. Similarly, a man found his blood pressure shooting with sushi. Researchers realized that it is not true that one healthy diet would work for all. In fact every person has their own needs.

Effect of our food depends on the type of microbes we have in our bodies. Microbes are a group of bacteria that act together and influence our digestive system. Thus we have to assess our food requirements to maintain a healthy life and alter our eating habits accordingly.


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