Thought of the Day!



Thought of the Day!


You turn blind 40 minutes every day!

Are you aware, that every individual who is at least blessed with some vision lashes out almost about 40 minutes every day in blindness? This happens not because your eyes have ceased working either, it takes place because your mind is actually blocking images from your eyes all of the time and declining to process them. Why does our mind do this? In part it is because of our potential to continuously relocate our eyes. This is also noted as the stopped clock illusion.

Pause! And have a look at your watch now throw some light on that why sometimes the second hand momentarily stops? There is a logical clarification for this. Chronostasis is a new term for all, but we all have gone through it at some edge in your life. Chronostasis occurs when the eyes rotate about and impermanent blindness occurs. The movements and short-term blindness are noted as saccades. The mind though does not perceive any blindness. The entire amount of time that your mind is rejecting to process the overlooked images sums up to a total of about 40 minutes every day, although you will not even once notice it.


A regular example that many of us would have noticed is when starring at a clock or watch. When we first look at it quite often it appears as though the second hand, or its digital display, has paused. This is chronostasis. The hand has not stopped at all; just our mind has tried to fill in the blank, blind spot for us. In doing so it perceives for us that the second hand was previously in that same location, not the position it was in just before we glanced. Our mind basically stretches time backwards for us.

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