Most Accessed Articles – Nanomedicine for Intranasal Delivery to Improve Brain Uptake

Journal Name: Current Drug Delivery

Author(s): Amit A. Patel*, Ravish J. Patel*, Shachi R. Patel.

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Intranasal drug delivery system provides distinct advantage over conventional drug delivery system for a drug that is pharmacokenetically or biologically unstable. Major concern for the treatment of central nervous system diseases is, low concentration of therapeutically active molecule within brain as blood brain barrier is creating obstacle, where intranasal drug delivery provides direct transport of therapeutically active moiety into brain via olfactory or trigeminal pathway. Nasal mucosa provides distinct advantages like improved bioavailability, law dose and quick onset of action and high patient compliance, and the major disadvantage is residence time of drug and irreversible entrapment of drug. This article provides anatomical and physiological information about nasal route and various factors. Article discusses various types of nanoparticles used intranasally and moreover article also emphasizes patents, formulation under development and some.


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HIGHLIGHTED ARTICLE – Designing of Ivabradine Hydrochloride Transdermal Patch by D-optimal Mixture Design – Current Drug Therapy

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Bentham Open Access Article


The article entitled “Antihypertensive Drugs Metabolism: An Update to Pharmacokinetic Profiles and Computational Approaches” in the journal Current Pharmaceutical Design, 2015, 21, 806-822, is now open for all to view and access.

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