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Most Accessed Article – “Modern 3D Printing Technologies: Future Trends and Developments”

Journal: Recent Patents on Engineering

Author(s): Om P. Singh, Sheikh. M. Ahmed and M Abhilash


With the major advancements in 3D printing, it is now possible to print micro batteries to power small incest drones and many such devices that are used in stealth operations. Hence, 3D printing can be said as the embodiment of modern manufacturing processes. In this paper, we review the recent technological advancements in materials and in technological aspects of 3D printing, identify future challenges and potential applications in engineering, manufacturing and tissue engineering. A brief discussion is provided on patents filed in different fields such a materials, their applications and industry-wise patent filing trends.

Read more about this article here: http://benthamscience.com/journals/recent-patents-on-engineering/volume/9/issue/2/page/91/

An article from the journal “Recent Patents on Engineering”


Author(s): Henry H Lei

Abstract: Marine platforms such as pontoons or barges often need to be joined together to create a larger overall working surface such as a bridge, a floating base or a floating causeway. This paper discussed the key technical challenges of joining such platforms for constructing large floating platforms in rough seas. Nine relevant patents on pontoon connector designs are reviewed. A novel design concept is introduced, which consists of Hans patented Fender Connector [1] and Frictional Locking Connector [2]. The design concept amalgamates the multiple functional requirements, such as rapid self-alignment, impact attenuation, self-tensioning, rigid engagement and superior strength into an integrated design. The engineering process from concept generation, model testing, detailed design and evaluation, material selection, prototyping and sea trials are presented. Current and future development of the technologies are discussed. Potential applications are illustrated.

Read the complete article or download it here: http://benthamscience.com/journals/recent-patents-on-engineering/volume/1/issue/1/page/103/

Upcoming Thematic Issue – New approaches in simulation in Engineering



Open Access Article : “Cloud Application Platform as a Service in Educational Environments”

imagesRecent Patents on Engineering

Author(s): Jorge R. B. Garay, Alexandre M. de Oliveira, Juan C. Z. Torres, Marcelo K. Zuffo and Roseli de D Lopes


engAbstract: This paper describes a proposal for developing an architecture for Educational Cloud based on OpenStack framework, Service Composition techniques and Semantic Web to create virtualized environments with specific features for teaching and researching environments, through the study of recent patents correlated to this system. The creation and management of the architecture and its virtualized environment are conducted through a system of service composition. Services are made available as a catalogue and their access is limited by the user’s profile type (student, teacher, or researcher). The results shown in this article are limited to the presentation and description of the system logic architecture and modeling.

To read the complete research article, visit: http://benthamscience.com/journals/recent-patents-on-engineering/volume/9/issue/1/page/69/

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