Recently Published Issue Of the Journal Current Genomics

Current Genomics is a peer-reviewed journal that provides essential reading for academic, clinical, government and pharmaceutical scientists who wish to be kept informed and up-to-date with the latest and most important developments in genome science and systems modeling.

Current Genomics publishes three types of peer-reviewed articles including:

  1. i) High-qualityresearch papersreporting on new and original data generated at the genome scale level, including meta-analysis studies. Systems biology, molecular systems modeling, molecular evolution, developmental biology, aging research and human disease research are topics of particular interest. Position papers dealing with new or complex methodological approaches whether experimental or mathematical are greatly welcome in this section.
  2. ii) Authoritative and comprehensivereviewsfrom widely-recognized experts, covering all the latest and outstanding developments in genome science and computational/systems biology. Proposals for mini-hot topics (2-3 review papers) and full hot topics (6-8 review papers) are welcome in this section and they should not contain original data. Guest edited issues provide expert views on specific questions giving an extensive and comprehensive analysis of a specific field of activities in genomics. All aspects of genetic analysis and gene function will be covered, particularly in the growing areas of human genomics, functional genomics and next generation sequencing, molecular evolution, developmental biology, aging research and systems/statistical modeling.

iii) Opinion papers from internationally and widely recognized experts addressing contemporary questions and issues in the field of genome science and systems biology and basic and clinical research practices.

Following are the articles from the journal Current Genomics, 16 issue 1:

Article: Revise Engineering of Genome-wide Gene Regulatory Networks from Gene Expression Data   –

Author(s): Zhi-Ping Liu

Article: siRNA-directed DNA Methylation in Plants

Author(s): Meng Xie and Bin Yu

Article: Genes and Conditions Controlling Mammalian Pre- and Post-implantation Embryo Development

Author(s): G. Anifandis, C.I. Messini, K. Dafopoulos and I.E. Messinis


Article: Genetics and Vaccines in the Era of Personalized Medicine

Author(s): John Castiblanco and Juan-Manuel Anaya

Article: DNA Secondary Structure at Chromosomal Fragile Sites in Human Disease

Author(s): Ryan G. Thys, Christine E. Lehman, Levi C. T. Pierce and Yuh-Hwa Wang

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