Most Cited Article : “Nanostructured Zinc Oxide for Water Treatment”

Nanoscience & Nanotechnology-Asia

Author(s): Sunandan Baruah, Samir K. Pal and Joydeep Dutta

nanoscience and nanotechnology2Abstract: Environmental pollution and industrialization on a global scale have drawn attention to the vital need for developing new hygienically friendly purification technologies. Existing wastewater treatment technologies demand high capital investment and operation & maintenance cost, and large area. Cost-effective treatment of pollutants requires the transformation of hazardous substances into benign forms and the subsequent development of effective risk management strategies from harmful effects of pollutants that are highly toxic, persistent, and difficult to treat. Application of nanotechnology that results in improved water treatment options might include removal of the finest contaminants from water (< 300 nm) and “smart materials” or “reactive surface coatings” with engineered specificity to a certain pollutant that destroy, transform or immobilize toxic compounds.

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