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Our relationship with the editorial staff and EiC was very lucid and satisfactory. The peer review process was fast initially and moderate further. It also might be because we specially faced a problem regarding the late review response in a case. Anyway, we queried to the editorial team and received quick response, that the required last reviewer comments were not received yet then. The reviewers’ suggestions were very helpful. We are deeply indebted to all the respected anonymous reviewers. The overall quality and authority of the journal was very satisfying. We will surely recommend the journal to our colleagues as a source of high quality papers



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Dr. Sujay Ray
University of Kalyani

Dr. Arundhati Banerjee
National Institute of Technology

Contributor of Article:
A Proteome-Level Computational Biology Insight on Sequence Based Aggregation Propensity Profile of Human Hydrolase Structural Enzymes

Author: Bentham Science Publishers

A major science, technology, and medical journal publisher of more than 100 online and print journals and related print/online book series, Bentham Science answers the information needs of scientists in the fields of pharmaceutical, biomedical, medical, engineering, technology, computer and social sciences.

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