Research Article: Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Amoxicillin Loaded Hybrid Material Composite Spheres Against MethicillinResistant Staphylococcus aureus

Journal Name: Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Author(s): Muhammad A. Yameen, Amir Zeb, Raza E. Mustafa, Sana Mushtaq, Nargis Aman, Muhammad Samie, Khizar H. Shah, Jamshed Iqbal

What is it about?

Mettalic-polymeric based nanoparticles composite sphere formulation system that showed antibacterial activity against MRSA. The formulation was used to isolate the mettalic-polymeric nanoparticles with good stability and Amoxicillin loading was confirmed using diffrerent characterization studies. The antibacterial studies were performed both invitro and invivo. Learn more here: