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Natural Medicine 2018 takes immense pleasure to welcome you all to the International Conference on Natural ProductsMedicinal Plants and Traditional Medicines which is going to be held from November 15-16, 2018 at Paris, France.

We gladly invite all the researchers in the field of Natural & Traditional Medicine, herbalists, alternative medicine practitioners and Acupuncturists, Phytomedicine, Pharmacognosists, AyurvedaNaturopathy, people who believe in natural medicine to explore their work. The main objective of Natural Medicine Conference 2018 assembles the Researchers, experts working under Academia and Healthcare industry, Business Delegates, principal investigators, Scientists and Students across the globe to provide an international opportunity for the dissemination of original research ideas, results and practical development experiences.


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EDITOR’S CHOICE ARTICLE – Microbial Biofilm and Quorum Sensing Inhibition: Endowment of Medicinal Plants to Combat Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria

Journal Name: Current Drug Targets

Author(s): Rina Das, Dinesh Kumar Mehta*.




Graphical Abstract:




Continued emergence and spread of multidrug-resistant bacteria behooved the development of alternative treatment strategies, including antimicrobial drugs. A hopeful approach is to target cellto- cell communications, commonly known as quorum-sensing (QS) and microbial biofilm formation. Quorum Sensing is a method used on bacteria to determine their physiological behavior and coordinate gene expression based on the cell to cell signaling. Many physiological functions of bacteria are controlled by quorum sensings such as virulence, motility, sporulation, luminescence, and biofilm formation. Microbial biofilms are organized aggregations of cells attached to a substratum and surrounded by a self-produced extrapolymeric substance (EPS) matrix. Currently, biofilm formation and quorum sensing are considered as a prospective novel target for antimicrobial therapy to control multidrug- resistant infections. Plant-based natural products have been comprehensively studied in this context. In this review, a comprehensive overview of various research papers published in the last decade on plant-derived molecules that are capable of inhibiting quorum sensing or microbial biofilm formation is reviewed, mentioning the biosynthetic classes of active compounds and their biological activity in the performed assays.


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Highlighted Article – Chlorella Vulgaris Induces Apoptosis of Human Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma (NSCLC) Cells – Medicinal Chemistry

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Upcoming Thematic Issue – Emerging medicinal plants: the search for new antidiabetic therapies


Podcast: A Systematic Review of Plant-Derived Natural Compounds for Anxiety Disorders

Author: Mohammad Abdollahi

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